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Have Back Pain? This Treatment Will Change Your Life.

Our patients tell us they have tried everything from chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and even surgery but nothing has worked for them until now. We use a proven two step process of spinal decompression and laser treatments that provides lasting back pain relief!

*Dr. Folkerts explains treatment options for chronic back pain*

Our DRX9000 treatment allows you to target a specific lumbar region.

The DRX9000 is the Worlds Most Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for Back and Neck Pain.

Lasting Non Surgical Back Pain Relief

Our decompression and laser treatments will fix your back pain at the source. We will help to make your muscles stronger and bones healthier; and we can also help to stop the pressure on nerves that cause your chronic back pain!

Comprehensive Exam

It all starts with our Pain Assessment Exam. This will tell us about the pain and discomfort you are experiencing to see what treatment options would provide the best relief for you.

Personal Care Plan

Together we’ll put together a treatment plan personalized to your needs. You’ll get the honest advice you deserve complete with available treatments, pricing options and more.

Partners In Treatment

After discussing your options, we will help you choose the fastest, most cost-efficient treatment to address your pain and discomfort so you can start living a pain-free life again.

Why Our Treatment?

Fast Relief

Start experiencing relief from back pain in just two treatments.

More Movement

Enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Say Goodbye To Pills

Reduce or eliminate your need for medication.

Get Back To You!

Feel like your old self again with less pain.

Wake Up Pain Free

Say goodbye to the constant ache in your back.

Explore New Things

Feel more confident and free from pain.

Dr. John Folkerts D.C.

Dr. Folkerts has a passion for life and healing. He is committed to providing the highest level of care possible to help you reach your full potential in health, wellness, and vitality.

Dr. Folkerts graduated with honors from Logan College of Chiropractic and was certified by the Academy of Chiropractic and the Federation of Chiropractic licensing board after over 20 years experience with Laser Treatment, Spinal Decompression, as well as being voted one of America's Best Laser Therapy Physicians (ASLT) by the American Society for Laser Therapy (ASLT).

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420 Crossing Dr.

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