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Lose 2-4 Inches In 45 Min.

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✅ 1 BODY Fat Reduction -Contouring Session

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How Does It Work?

LLLT stands for Low Level Light Therapy. This is different than a medical or aesthetic laser treatment because the energy emitted by a LLLT device is much lower than a medical or aesthetic laser system. The effects on the patient’s skin with a LLLT device are gradual, as compared with a medical or aesthetic laser that delivers an immediate response. LLLT devices are much safer to operate as compared to medical or aesthetic laser systems.

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Lose up to 2-4 Inches In 45 Min!

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The Results

Look Better, Feel Better

Up until this technology arrived, if a person wanted to lose fat quickly, their only choice was a strict diet combined with strenuous exercise, which is a time consuming, challenging task for most people and difficult to accomplish, or expensive “invasive” medical procedures. The Laser-Like Lipo Contouring Program offers simple nutritional suggestions and easy exercise options combined with a relaxing session that accelerates the fat burning capabilities within your body.

Effective Fat Reduction

Our system provides the most effective non-invasive fat reduction on the market. Backed by FDA Approval!

Toning and Tightening

Our Red Light system improves collagen and elastin production improving skin tone and tightening. Look more youthful!

Improved Circulation

Our patented technology improves micro-circulation and helps to support improved Nitric Oxide production for blood vessel health!

Our Advantages

What does a Red Light session feel like?

While the patient is lying on a treatment bed, light panel is placed over the area to be addressed. The light will be turned on and the client will feel a slight warming sensation. Most patients can read or use their phone/portable device, or even take a short nap!

What type of results can be expected?

The Red Light program involves multiple sessions in a series, delivered typically once a week or every 3-5 days. Patients typically see a noticeable improvement within the first session.

How long will the results last?

Results will vary from client to client, primarily due to the commitment by the client to their goals. If a client maintains a healthy lifestyle, including diet and an exercise program, their results can be long term.

Can anyone use Red Light?

A Red Light session is safe and effective for anyone who does not have a medical condition that reduces their ability to eliminate waste via the liver and kidneys.

Is the Red Light device safe?

Yes. The light emitted by the Red Light does not generate excessive heat and will not cause a burn. The light is very bright and should not be looked at directly for an extended period of time, but is safer than a laser device that can damage eyes with a slight glance into the beam.

What can a person do to optimize their results?

To achieve the best results with the Red Light program, the client just needs to follow our easy step-by-step process. This program involves a moderate diet, minimal exercise, recommended dietary supplements and reasonable water consumption.

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Does it work?

Yes it does work. Your individual results depend on you and your body. The difference between good and great results solely rests on the individual, and how committed they are to truly reaching their goal.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Yes, Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive liposuction alternative and patients feel only a pleasant warmth. Low Level Light Therapy has been studied and used for many years for many biomedical purposes. This is a non-surgical body contouring procedure.

Is it painful?

No, it is not and, unlike the invasive fat removal procedures, there is no downtime.
You may feel warmth over the area being treated and most feel it is a relaxing experience.

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on different factors such as: how many inches you want to lose, your area of concern, your body fat percentage, eating habits, and exercise. A normal course of treatment usually responds well in 12 sessions over 4-6 weeks. Most patients have a fat loss of anywhere from ½ an inch to 2 ½ inches per session. Adding our Whole Body Vibration Exercise enhances results. A higher body fat percentage may require more visits.

Will it get rid of cellulite?

Our system reduces contours due to excess fat in the cells. As Dr. Oz recently stated, creams tend to be ineffective at reducing cellulite, because cellulite is
caused by excess fat in cells which stretches against connective tissue creating the dimple appearance. Our system will reduce the amount of fat in your fat cells

Will I lose weight?

The Red Light Therapy or lipo light helps with inch loss. It is for spot reduction. If your body fat is over 25%, it is recommended that you engage in a weight loss program along with the treatment to improve your health.

How long does each session take?

Each session takes 10-20 minutes. To improve your results we recommend you follow Red Light Therapy with 10 minutes of our Whole Body Vibration exercise.

Where does the fat go?

That fat is burned as energy in the body—just like when you exercise and release fat.

Can the fat return?

The fat will not come back on its own. However, as with any fat loss, whether it is through exercise, healthy eating, or any other means of reducing fat stores in your body, you have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to maintain fat loss.

How quickly will I see results?

Most patients see measurable results after their first session. We frequently measure reductions in abdominal girth of 1-2″ with a 20 minute Red Light Therapy treatment. (Reduction is a cumulative total of three measurements made at the navel, 2 inches above, and 2 inches below.)

What kind of results are produced?

1-5 inches AVERAGE–People who make major lifestyle changes, are on the higher end of the average, and those who don’t, the lower end. How much fat do you want to lose?

Will it work for everyone?

Not everyone is a candidate. Our experience has taught us which factors will limit your results. In some cases extra steps are taken to ensure good results, and in other cases we will tell you upfront that you are not a candidate. We do restrict those with pacemakers, active cancer, certain inflammatory, lymphatic, liver, and/or kidney disorders, cardiovascular disease, breastfeeding, or pregnancy.

I have a lot of areas I want to remove excess fat. Can I do them all at once?

No. With Red Light Therapy, you want to target specific areas, such as belly fat, for your initial series of sessions. You will have more effective results this way. Once you complete a zone and your series of sessions for that area, you may do additional zones to reduce excess fat in those regions.

Does insurance cover the services?


Is financing available?

We offer sizable discounts on packages and take credit cards.

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