We value our patients' experience at Laser Pain Centers of Illinois. 

100% recommend to everyone! The staff is one of the best - super friendly and they really make you feel right at home. I did Dr. Folkerts' weight loss program and Ultraslim treatments and lost 27 pounds and 20 inches!!! They melted me! I trust Sherman Chiropractic hands down. The entire staff there is just fabulous.

Betsy B.

I have seen Dr. Folkerts off and on for almost 10 years I believe. He has done some amazing adjustments to my back and is helping me now to be able to continue working as a nurse. 10 years ago I was part of the medical community that didn't support chiropractors. Thanks to my ex boss and friend I truly believe in their ability to help. I recommend Dr. Folkerts to anyone who complains of pain. Thank you Dr. Folkerts from the bottom of my heart.

Pamela S.

I have had a previous back surgery with little to no relief. I have seen numerous back and knee doctors and decided on my own to go to Dr Folkerts - I figured it couldn't hurt anything with all the pain I was in. Dr Folkerts explained everything in detail regarding the High Intensity Laser Therapy. I have gone for treatments and if I would rate my pain when I started 2 months ago, I would say 10+ and after 15 treatments and nearing the end of my treatment plan, I can truly say my pain is a 2-3. I would highly recommend this type of treatment. The staff is amazing, from the front desk, to the massage therapists, and - of course, Dr Folkerts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for giving me my life back!

Phyllis I.

Dr. Folkert's is good at what he does! I was pregnant and could hardly walk. After only a couple of treatments I felt much better. Him and his staff are all very friendly and professional. Great place!

Christina L.

So glad I lucked in to finding these folks - everyone is super nice and helpful. And, the therapy is wonderful - makes life less painful for sure.

Ann H.

Outstanding service. Great experience

Kim D.

I would recommend Dr. Folkerts for so many different things. I have been going to him for almost 20 years there is no one better than him. He has helped me on my back, foot, I first went to him for a trigger thumb and he fixed it (I was told I had to have surgery to correct it) without surgery. He has helped me so much with my back, when I throw out my back and can hardly walk I call get in with in 2 hours he adjust me and I can walk out without pain. I had a spur and bunion he used the laser and it more or less went away. I went to an orthopedic dr for my hip because I could not walk very far without it hurting and they could not figure out what was wrong but Dr. Folkerts did and fixed it almost to completely healed. Yes I know I could go on and on how he has helped me over the years but the bottom line is there is no one better than him!!!!! P.S. I got 2 co-workers to go to him and they were so thankful they went.

Donna D.

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